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How cellphone cameras shape OWS

By CL - Posted on 26 October 2011

“This is the most heavily documented protest in the history of the world by a long shot,” says Jesse LaGreca, 31, an underemployed restaurant manager who has been at Occupy Wall Street since the beginning. “And It really serves two purposes. One, you’re bearing witness – you’re creating an image that is not being broadcast elsewhere. And I think that really messes with the mainstream media because if we’ve got our livestream and 30-40,000 people are watching something happen in real time and then seven hours later you see the way the news portrays it, it just totally blows that myth apart.”


LeGreca achieved a bit of viral fame himself when he confronted a Fox News reporter at Zuccotti Park earlier this month. The footage never made it onto the network, but another camera was rolling at the time – a protester’s – and in the end the segment was viewed on YouTube by hundreds of thousands of people. “It belies the truth of fair and balanced,” LaGreca told AlterNet. “If it doesn’t fit the narrative that they’re trying to create, then it ends up on the cutting-room floor.”