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Remember the straight-talking gentlemen whose rant ”Irish Wanking Bankers” went viral a few months back?

Here’s the sequel, his take on Wall Street shenanigans and the financial system in general. Delightful!

Bill McKibben: Surrounding The White House Is A Historic Step In The Keystone XL Fight

Our guest blogger is Bill McKibben, founder and a lead organizer of the Tar Sands Actionthat surrounded the White House yesterday with 12,000 people.

Interview with First #OccupyDC 'Hit and Release' Victim Georgia Pearce

On Friday night during a demonstration by Occupy DC four people were hit by one vehicle, a silver Lexus, in two separate incidences and the driver was let go by police.

The GOP’s History of ‘Hostage-Taking’

For more than four decades, Democrats have tolerated Republican abuses, claiming accountability wouldn’t be “good for the country.” But this softness has only encouraged the kind of hardball behavior that has now taken the U.S. economy “hostage,” writes Robert Parry.

Since the 1960s, the Republican and Democratic parties have diverged in behavior – as well as over issues such as war and social programs – with the Republicans sometimes called the “daddy party” and the Democrats the “mommy party.” But if that analogy is followed, you would be talking about a very dysfunctional marriage.


Has Segregation come to Occupy Wall Street? Yes… sleeping segregation.

The latest changes happening in Zuccotti Park may be a “canary indicator” – an early warning sign of what the people behind this movement would like to happen to America and the world.

Occupy Vancouver Protester Dies of Suspected Drug Overdose

A woman at the Occupy Vancouver camp died Saturday after being found in an “unresponsive” condition, police said. A Canadian protest organizer said it appeared to be the result of a drug overdose.

The cause of death has not been determined but there is no evidence of foul play, police said. Her death is likely the first to hit the Occupy movement.

What Really Happened? Police and Protesters Differ on Occupy D.C. Collision

District of Columbia police and Occupy D.C. protesters are offering conflicting accounts about a weekend incident in which a motorist struck three protesters near a downtown demonstration.

Police said Saturday that a driver will not be charged for striking the three people Friday evening.


The collapse this week of the broker-dealer MF Global and the comeuppance of its chief executive Jon Corzine, who resigned Friday, have been and will be put to many political and rhetorical purposes. MF Global’s bankruptcy has been called, possibly, the first domino in a potential collapse of the European banking system; in this rendering, it’s a rough analog to the failure, in the spring of 2008, of Bear Stearns, which presaged the mayhem of autumn. It might well be cast as a catalyst for more government regulation, or smarter regulation; to some, it might even be a case study in overregulation. (Every rationale for regulation seems to contain, as yang to its yin, an argument that regulation is actually to blame.)

Andrew Breitbart Compares Occupy Wall Street Movement To 9/11 Attacks

Andrew, ‘never met a fact he couldn’t manipulate,’ Breitbart has been on a crusade to destroy the Occupy movement. It hasn’t worked. His latest attack came today, via Twitter.


'Occupy' Reaches Into Living Rooms Through New TV Ad

The revolution may not be televised, but the “Occupy” protests are now reaching into American homes via a television ad.

The 30-second ad features nine “Occupy Wall Street” protesters talking about what they would like the movement to achieve. It is the work of filmmaker David Sauvage, who said he filmed it in half a day on Oct. 3.

Koch Group Gathering Disrupted by Occupy DC Protesters; Things Get Tense as Activists Surround Building

Time was when David Koch could bring his Americans for Prosperity Foundation convention to our nation's capital, and conventioneers could feel pretty secure in the notion that Washington, D.C., was theirs for the taking. No longer.

The triumphant glow of hagiography that usually marks the convention's annual Ronald Reagan tribute dinner tonight gave way to the heat of confrontation with the Occupy D.C. movement. Apparently, the AFP Foundation was prepared for shenanigans, as there seemed to be a readily available cadre of Metropolitan Police throughout the Walter E. Washington Convention Center where the event took place, a sprawling complex of glass and stone that takes up a full city block.