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Scott Olsen Released from Hospital


Former U.S. Marine Scott Olsen, whose injury during clashes between Oakland police and protesters last month galvanized the Anti-Wall Street movement, has been released from the hospital, friends said on Friday.

From Adele Carpenter of Veterans for Peace:

Flat Taxes And Angry Voters

By wide margins, Americans are now telling pollsters they want a tax system that raises more money and is more fair by asking the rich to pay more. They are connecting the dots between the lavish high-end tax cuts of the past decade and today’s serious problems — including widening inequality and mounting deficits — and demanding change. The Republican presidential candidates aren’t listening.


Take the flat tax plan of Gov. Rick Perry of Texas. For all his talk about how it would make filing easier — that is dubious — what it would really do is give high-income Americans a big tax break, while almost everyone else could expect relatively modest tax savings or none at all.

Right Wing Extremists Launch War Of Perception On Occupy Movement

In an all out perception effort by the right wing, Matt Drudge and his cohort Andrew Breitbart have been issuing story after story that the Occupy movment is a diseased, sick, drug filled movement. The headlines today taken from the website highlight just how far the right wing will go in trying to paint the Occupy movement as a scary place to be. The tags above at the upper left hand corner tell the tale.

It says: 

Dead Man In Salt Lake City

Tuberculosis In Atlanta

Zuccotti Lung On Wall Street

Suicide In Vermont

Murder In Oakland

Occupy Oakland Protesters Hit By Car, Demand Justice

This also happened at the Occupy D.C. AFP rally last week. Two incidents of the same type hitting two rally's across the country where the exact same outcome happened with the driver, and almost the same exact excuses were given by said drivers.


Occupy Wall Street Is Winning

Whatever the objectives of protesters involved in Occupy Wall Street, they have succeeded in engaging the country in a conversation about income inequality.

A quick search of the news--including print articles, web stories and broadcast transcripts--via Nexis reveals a significant rise in the use of the term “income inequality,” from less than 91 instances in the week before the occupation started to almost 500 instances last week.



Rick Perry: At 3 AM Can He Lead?

Can Rick Perry lead in a time of crisis? In his befuddled mind I doubt it.

Elizabeth Warren Responds to Karl Rove, Stands By Occupy Wall Street

In an interview with a local television station this morning, Elizabeth Warren responded to the new attack ads Karl Rove is running against her:

The 99ers Push Back: Will Democrats Step Up?


The radically anti-middle class agenda had a very bad day yesterday, as the people fighting for us 99 percent won some very big battles. Voters in Maine dumped a right-wing push to cut back on voting rights. Voters in Mississippi said no to the profoundly radical attempt to give every zygote personhood rights. Voters in Arizona recalled the author of the anti-immigrant, anti-Constitutional rights bill allowing police to stop any driver who looked like they might be an immigrant. Voters in Michigan recalled a far-right state legislator there. And voters in Ohio decisively stood up for the middle class and said no to radical anti-unionism. Northeast, Midwest, Deep South, Southwest: it was a good day to be an American if you value community, equality, democracy, and the middle class and those working to climb their way into it.

Controversial Canada-to-Texas Keystone Pipeline Delayed

By Aamer Madhani and Wendy Koch, USA TODAY

President Obama was under intense political pressure from environmentalists as well as Republicans over the $7 billion pipeline project that would cut through six U.S. states.

Herman Cain's Anita Hill crack-up caught on video: 'Is she going to endorse me?'


Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain may be under fire over allegations of sexual harassment — but that didn’t stop him from cracking up Thursday at the mention of Anita Hill.

The GOP contender was filmed having a hearty laugh after a supporter in Kalamazoo, Mich., brought up the woman who accused Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment 20 years ago.

Kansans Say “NO” to Walker’s Radical Brand Of Politics.


In the wake of mass protests of his attacks on working families in his home state, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has cancelled a high-priced Wichita fundraiser with Governor Brownback and RNC Chair Reince Priebus.

Thousands of Kansas workers led by the Wichita / Hutchinson Labor Federation and the Working Kansas Alliance had planned to protest Walker’s policies and his appearance at the fundraiser. Several busses full of protestors were set to arrive in Wichita from all corners of the state.

“Obviously this is a victory for working Kansans,” said Wichita / Hutchinson Labor Federation president Judy Pierce, “Governor Walker’s anti-worker policies have made headlines across the country, but Kansans are facing some of the very same attacks here courtesy of Governor Brownback.”