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Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia Underway; Expect Waves of Protest

By CL - Posted on 02 July 2012


Although conservative newspapers sneered “Goodbye, Occupy” months ago, the Occupy movement refuses to exit the scene, popping up to protest the role of big money in elections at Obama and Romney campaign events and summoning tens of thousands to Manhattan protests that the New York Times refuses to cover.

Now Occupy forces from across the country are exercising their constitutional rights, peaceably assembling at Independence Mall in Philadelphia. The purpose of their National Gathering from June 30 to July 4 is not only to petition for redress of grievance, but to coordinate the movement’s next moves.

Last night, occupiers projected a “99%” We The People message onto Independence Hall, the spot where the U.S. Constitution was drafted hundreds of years ago:

According to the “NatGat” schedule, the most spectacular protest events will be a July 4 march through the city and a July 5 march setting off from Philadelphia with a destination of Wall Street in Manhattan. The 99 mile march is being made in honor of Woody Guthrie’s birthday and is an attempt to reinvigorate the relationship between music and protest with a “Guitarmy” of musician-activists. Along with these officially-announced events, you can expect waves of protest to ripple through Philadelphia over the next few days — look for signs of it. After that, waves of protest may ripple through the nation as NatGat activists head to back to their home communities. Look for signs of that too.