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Election Protection Press Conference

By CL - Posted on 06 November 2012

Press conference at the national Press Club, Washington DC, on voter suppression and electronic voting machines.

With: Jill Stein, 2012 Green Party Presidential Candidate
Robert Fitrakis, Green Party nominee for Vongress in Central Ohio
Harvey Wasserman, Green Party Poll Monitor, Bexley, Ohio
Sarah Manski, Director,
Clinton Curtis, Computer programmer and whistleblower

Revelations by the Columbus, Ohio, Free Press that untested software has been installed in Ohio's vote tabulation system, and closely linked ownership of voting machines by Romney family members and campaign operatives, underscore a serious electronic threat to the integrity of Tuesday's national election, and the desperate need for universal hand-counted paper ballots.

Reliance on electronic voting machines means power outages from Hurricane Sandy could deprive many Americans of their right to vote and throw the election into chaos. Opaque, unmonitorable electronic vote counts add to public skepticism about the integrity of the vote count that continues to escalate dating to Florida 2000 and Ohio 2004.

Election protection activists have joined with the Green Party to demand that the United States join Ireland in scrapping its electronic voting machines and return to universal hand-counted paper ballots, currently in use in Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Canada and elsewhere.