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OFA Responds to ESAF's "Fiscal Cliff" Book

By CL - Posted on 19 September 2012


O4A Responds to ESAF's "Fiscal Cliff" Book
ESAF has been exposed by O4A as an astroturf propped up by rightwing extremist Joe Ricketts, and run by DC lobbyists.
Now, O4A has learned that ESAF paid 2 professors to write their book, "Fiscal Cliff" to try and support their notion that reducing government size and lowering taxes will magically fix all of our problems.
ESAF wanted to use professors to give their stances "scholastic backing", a common tactic by political operatives to give their policies supposed ground to stand on.
The latest talking point by the right is "Fiscal Cliff" and they are predicting gloom and doom if we don't eviscerate entitlements, but of course corporate welfare and the defense budget are off the table and cannot be touched.
So Joe Ricketts cut a check to get this book written, and a copy delivered to every government official, to push their "reduce government size and cut entitlements" panacea policy.
The only problem is, The book disproves their assertions.
To write their book ESAF hired 2 professors from the USC Marshall School of Business, Professors Selahattin and Ayse Imrohoroglu.
The professors were not told the book was for an extreme political agenda, and when the professors found out they were being used as a political tool, they were upset and say the political statement in the book's introduction by ESAF's director Brian Baker doesn't correspond to the data in the book.
One professor says go back to tax rate of 80s and 90s
One of the professor's says in the book we need to go back to the tax rates of the 80s and 90s, and he says we need to "sharply increase revenue" to solve our problems.
ESAF then sent copies to every congressional and Senate office. Let's hope they read your book and do what the professors say, and solve this crisis responsibly by raising revenue.
ESAF, you need to stop using your 1% money from Joe Ricketts and stop spreading misinformation that lowering taxes and shrinking government will fix our problems. 
Leave the academics to the professors.