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Billionaire Foster Freiss Funds Convicted Criminals: OFA Asks Why?

By CL - Posted on 04 September 2012

OFA calls for an investigation into the activities of Foster Friess, the right wing billionaire who funded the fraudulent National Bloggers Club and convicted credit card felon Ali Akbar with seed money to get off the ground. The club itself has been mired in a morass of its own crap long enough. It is time for a federal investigation into how these organizations get off the ground and who supports them. Never mind that Mr. Akbar is a felon, it seems that good old boy Foster Friess doesn't seem to care who he funds or where that money goes to. In the picture above, Foster Friess is seen with Mr. Akbar (left) and Mr. Robert Stacy McCain a venomous extremist right wing blogger who has racist ties to the League of The South, and has also partnered with Mr. Akbar for several years. Put these two fringe extremists together with a right wing billionaire and you have the makings of some serious problems. 

Mr. Akbar also runs an organization called Vice & Victory which has had at its helm the infamous Bill Murphy who is now Mitt Romney's social media director is also under fire for his close ties to Mr. Akbar. This means that Mr. Akbar now has Mitt Romney in his camp, which so far seems OK to Mr. Romney. OFA calls this association into question and asks for Mitt Romney to get busy with getting rid of these malcontents in his organization.

Ali Akbar has been convicted of credit card fraud, and is using NBC to defraud people right now by creating scams for donations, using funds for personal use, refusing to answer questions about income and expenditures, saying that NBC is a c3. And Ali's business partner is running Romney's social media campaign.  That campaign includes the use of Square to accept online credit card donations, and so everyone who donates to Mitt Romney could potentially have their credit card information stolen by these fraudsters. 

Can you trust them?