Senate Report: The Real Culprits of the Financial Collapse

Senator Carl Levin, Democrat of Michigan, left, and Kerry Killinger, the ex-chief executive of Washington Mutual.

A report from the US Senate, identifies the main culprits of the financial collpase of 2008, with some of the main culprits being:

  • Washington Mutual
  • Moody's Investor Service
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Deutsch Bank
  • Countrywide Mortgage
  • IndyMac

To read the full Senate Report, go here:

NH Republican Debate: Wall Street Not Responsible for Financial Meltdown

Incredibly, to the Republican Presidential candidates, the finacial collapse of 2008 that ruined millions of peoples lives was not the fault of bank and Wall Street executives and their behaviour, but it was all caused by 2 politicans and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. However, no banks were ever forced by politicans to sell subprime loans. In addition, many of the subprime loans were not made by banks, but my mortgage companies that were not regulated by the federal government. They made these loans because of greed: They could make money off of these subprime loans by selling them to Wall Street banks, which then they made money by packaging them into securities and selling them. 

Occupy For Accountability calls for the real culprits of these crimes to be held accountable: Mortgage companies and bank executives who actually caused the financial collapse.

Venture Capitalist Funding Orgs Attacking Occupy Wall Street

Great story from crooks and liars about Venture capitalist Paul Singer funding journalists working an infiltration operation against Wall Street protesters.

A predatory hedge fund multimillionaire is a major funder of the right-wing attack machine on Occupy Wall Street. Ironically, this "Swift Vote Veterans" and "Crossroads GPS" funder was also one of the top donors in the movement to legalize gay marriage in New York (his son is gay):

New York City Police Department; Paid Detail Units Protect Wall Street Corporations

In a shocking revelation detailed by Pam Martens writing for Counterpunch, New York City Police units operate as a private army for Wall Street titans of industry.

Videos are springing up across the internet showing uniformed members of the New York Police Department in white shirts (as opposed to the typical NYPD blue uniforms) pepper spraying and brutalizing peaceful, nonthreatening protestors attempting to take part in the Occupy Wall Street marches.  Corporate media are reporting that these white shirts are police supervisors as opposed to rank and file.  Recently discovered documents suggest something else may be at work.

Boston Police Attack Veterans

Boston Police break up Veterans for Peace protesting at the Occupy Boston rally. In a shocking video Boston's finest attack the Veterans for Peace protesters as well as the American Flag. What gives Boston?