Joe Klein Thinks The Majority Wants Compromise


Joe Klein is one of those writers who drive me a little bit crazy because he either writes something I'm about to applaud until he gets to a false equivalency to offset the good thing he just wrote, or else he just completely misses the mark. This week is missing the mark week.

It seems Joe took a road trip, and on that road trip he came to the conclusion that the majority of Americans are moderates who, more than anything, want compromise. As evidence, he cites the following:

CO Gov. John Hickenlooper to Shut Down Free Speech Using Lame Argument


In response to questions about Occupy Wall Street-related protests at the Denver capitol, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper (D) said that protesters couldn't stay past 10 p.m., offering a potential fire as his excuse.

Massive 'Occupation Party' underway in Times Square

With most of today's marches winding down, the main event began at 5:00 PM ET in Times Square. It's time for The Occupation Party:

Greedy Banksters Arrest Customers

In another disastrous move the greedy bankers of Wall Street arrest their own customers for trying to close their accounts. How much longer will these greed merchants be allowed to operate? Only the Shadow knows...

Al Sharpton announces March Rally For Jobs and Justice

WHO: Marc H. Morial, President and CEO, National Urban League

Andrew Breitbart; We Got The Guns, Bring It On

Andrew Breitbart Says "We Got The Guns, Bring it On." In a Video that has to be seen to be believed, Andrew Breitbart said that he and the right wing that funds him, including the military, have got the guns, and they are ready for all out war. In Breitbarts own words he says, "Bring It On" Oh really now?

A Guide to New York City’s 1%

After weeks of literally protesting Wall Street, Occupy Wall Street has realized that billionaire CEOs actually don't live in lower Manhattan. So they're headed uptown! To help them, here's a map of where the richest of New York's rich live.

Howard Buffett, Warren Buffett's Son, On Occupy Wall St.: 'We Saw Large Corporations Really Screw People'

Count Warren Buffett's son among those sympathetic of the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

Protesters Plan To Occupy London, Rome, Madrid Saturday

For an October revolution, dress warm. That's the word going out - politely - on the Web to rally street protests on Saturday around the globe from New Zealand to Alaska via London, Frankfurt, Washington and, of course, New York, where the past month's Occupy Wall Street movement has inspired a worldwide yell of anger at banks and financiers.

How many will show up, let alone stay to camp out to disrupt city centres for days, or months, to come, is anyone's guess. The hundreds at Manhattan's Zuccotti Park were calling for back-up on Friday, fearing imminent eviction. Rome expects tens of thousands at a national protest of more traditional stamp.

Teachers Protest Rupert Murdoch At School Summit


SAN FRANCISCO -- Teachers in the San Francisco Bay area picketed Thursday outside an education conference that features News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch as a keynote speaker, saying they believe he and other business leaders want to profit from reforms discussed at the summit.

Rupert Murdoch Heckled At California Education Summit

SAN FRANCISCO — Protesters from the Occupy Wall Street movement heckled News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch during a speech at an education forum Friday, accusing the media mogul of trying to profit from public education.

Bloomberg Backs Down Occupiers Stay

Thousands of pepole at Occupy Wall Street erupted into cheers early this morning when it was announced Brookefield properties was postponing the cleaning of Zucotti Park.

Reuters Tries To Link George Soros To Occupy Wall Street

The wire service and aspiring "best journalism organization in the world" ran an odd story this morning, insinuating that billionaire financier George Soros is secretly funding the Occupy Wall Street protests. The evidence, unlike the innuendo, is awfully thin.