Fewer Americans Can Afford the Basics

Among the large numbers of issues that are said to prove that the recession never ended is whether Americans can afford the “basics” that have been part of what the middle class has been able to expect for decades. Fewer and fewer Americans can. This means that a lack of demand for some services, like medical treatment, will undermine the ability of some services to exist at all — at least at current levels. Medicine, like any other economically based system, needs some base amount of demand to provide the financial scale that allows R&D and a delivery infrastructure to exist.

Banks Are Getting Good at Turning Away ‘Customers’ Who Try to Close Accounts While Protesting

In an effort to protest “corporate greed” or big banks (or whatever statement they were trying to make), two members of Occupy Santa Cruz attempted to close their Bank of America accounts but were instead asked to leave and come back when they weren’t protesting:

Atlanta’s Mayor Backs Off, Will Allow Occupy Atlanta To Stay For 3 More Weeks


Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed’s statement on why he’ll allow Occupy Atlanta to linger in Woodruff Park – two out of three’s not bad, he says:

Big Florida Fundraiser and Main Corrupter, A.K. Desai, Stands By His Main Squeeze Rick Perry

Another big time corrupted influence peddler A.K Desai stands by Rick Perry his main squeeze in the up and coming elections.

In a spartan, contemporary downtown office with black leather chairs and glistening metal and glass tables, A.K. Desai waxed on about the entrepreneurship of Henry Ford, the latest academic book he’s reading on health care reform and where engineering fits in the future of Florida’s higher-education system.

Meet the Breitbart Stooge Who Hacked #OWS for the FBI and NYPD

We here at Occupy For Accountability are on to you Thomas Ryan. Those at Provide Security should be aware we have you in our sites like white on rice buddy. And we will make it part of our mission statement here to expose you and your rotten smell to the core. You are notified. And you can take that to the greedy banks you support and cash it.

You know there was no way for Breitbart not to insert himself into these protests, and of course, be on the wrong side:

NYPD Tries To Take Down OWS Medical Tent, But Jesse Jackson Helps Protesters Hold Them Off

Video streaming by Ustream

Of course, I'm reading this article just as the Twitter informs me that the NYPD is at Liberty Park, trying to take down Occupy Wall Street's medical tent while the Rev. Jesse Jackson tries to stop them. The occupiers are chanting: "Who do you serve? Who do you protect"? Good question!

Frightening Occupy Times Square ‘Police Brutality’ Video Surfaces

The massive Occupy Times Square rally on Saturday resulted in 74 arrests, and new video has surfaced showing police clashing with protestors who almost knocked a patrol horse to the ground.

Rush Limbaugh Says Global Warming, Occupy Wall Street Part Of ‘Sybil’ Conspiracy: ‘Nothing Is Real’

In one of his most unhinged rants yet, hate radio show host Rush Limbaugh argued that the revelation that a famous book about multiple-personality disorder is a hoax means that “nothing is real,” including global warming. “Sybil” was an influential 1973 book written for a popular audience that told of a psychiatrist’s client with “multiple personality disorder.” The book influenced the field of psychoanalysis for years. By the 1990s, questions were raised about the veracity of the tale, and a new book by Debbie Nathan, Sybil Exposedfully debunks the story, after thousands of people weremistreated.

Koch Brand Found to Have Cain in It!

In June of this year, AlterNet quietly published an article about Herman Cain's deep ties to Americans for Prosperity. At the time, no one paid close attention because most people had no idea who Herman Cain was or why they should care. But now that Cain is the current frontrunner of the day in the Republican primaries, it's worth revisiting and re-examining Cain's close relationship to the Koch brothers and Americans for Prosperity.

From the AlterNet article:

The Occupation

The lead headline on the front page of Saturday's "Business Day" section of the New York Times:  "In Private, Wall St. Bankers Dismiss Protesters as Unsophisticated."

Is it possible to imagine a more obnoxious response to the Occupy Wall Street movement?    "Sophistication" is of course a word defined by these bankers as seeing things precisely their way, as buying into the whole rigged system that the movement exists to protest. They clearly believe that, without an MBA, people lack standing to critique the very entities that are screwing them.

Citigroup Earnings Up 74 Percent

The bank that received some $476.2 billion in cash and guarantees during the bailout — the most of all recipients — is doing okay for themselves again. Thee years later, third quarter profits total $3.8 billion, up 74 percent, making for a seventh-straight profitable quarter. Poor performances on the investment banking side, as well as big losses in domestic mortgages, kept revenue flat at $20.8 billion, but a paper gain of almost $2 billion makes earnings look all right. CEO Vikram Pandit said, "Citi continues to navigate a challenging economic environment and delivered another quarter of solid operating results." We hear they've also helped inspire a protest.

The Mark of Cain

The news media has been trying to figure out whether Herman Cain, now leading the Republican polls, can actually win the nomination. The question may be occurring to Cain as well. To this point, he has been using a putative candidacy to execute a business plan, taking advantage of free publicity to increase his value as a talk show pundit and motivational speaker. He is not doing any of the things that one would do to run for president — build an organization, campaign in early primary states, contrast himself with rival candidates, or court the party Establishment. It’s possible he may, seeing his unexpected polling surge, decide to start doing these things at a late point. Until then, whether Herman Cain could win the nomination is a hypothetical question.

More Than 70 Percent of New Yorkers Are Okay With Occupy Wall Street

That's the key takeaway from a Quinnipiac poll released today: 72 percent of city residents said that as long as the protesters continue to follow the law, they should be allowed to remain in Zuccotti Park indefinitely. That also tracks fairly closely, by the way, with the 73 percent of New Yorkers who support stricter regulations for financial firms. 61 percent of New Yorkers (including a majority of Republicans) support the extension of the state's "millionaire tax."