Billionaire Tycoon Claps For Herman Cain’s Attacks On Occupy Wall Street Movement

Former restaurant lobbyist Herman Cain doubled down tonight on his attacks against the Occupy Wall Street movement. In previous weeks, Cain blasted protesters for daring to stand-up to Wall Street power, at one point referring to the Americans in Zuccotti Park as un-American. Cain also reiterated his point that the jobless should blame themselves, not the speculators who crashed the economy.


Military Perspective on NYPD; There Is No Honor In This

United States Marine Corps. veteran Sgt. Shamar Thomas from Roosevelt, NY goes toe-to-toe with the New York Police Department

Everything The Occupation Needs To Know About Winter Camping

Thanks to C&L OccuPies, we have a lot of new Occupy readers. So when I ran across this incredibly useful blog post by Milwaukee blogger Drew Jacob over at Rogue Priest, I wanted to make sure a wider audience saw it - especially the part about the Sacred Dry Socks. If you're in for the duration, be sure to read the whole thing:


Calls for Wiping Out Student Loan Debt Leave Americans Split on New 'Bailout'


As Occupy Wall Street protesters and their anti-bank message pick up momentum, among the unofficial list of grievances is a demand to have creditors forgive student loans. 


Occupy Wall Street’s Struggle For Non-Violence

On Saturday, the Washington Post splashed a photo on its front page of an Occupy Wall Street protester apparently tackling a police officer during a march Friday morning in lower Manhattan.

Occupy Southern California

California has long been a hotbed of political activism, so it’s no real surprise that residents across the state are expressing their solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement. In fact, in the relatively small tract of land between Los Angeles and San Diego, a number of groups have staged protests of their own. Here’s a roundup:

Jesse Jackson Embraces Washington Occupation

Nineteen OccupyDC protesters who emerged from an overnight stay in Washington  jail this afternoon were greeted by the veteran civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson. Among the freed detainees were Princeton professor Cornel West and Grammy-nominated singer Raheem DeVaughn, who embraced Jackson as a drum-beating crowd of supporters chanted, “We are the 99 percent.”

The New E Pluribus Unum: “We are the 99 percent”

Wow, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is running a little scared now. Ten days ago, he denounced Occupy Wall Street as a “growing mob.” On Fox News Sunday, he softened his stance, agreeing “there is too much income disparity” and promising to work on getting the top 1 percent to create jobs and opportunity for the rest of us.

Occupy Wall Street’s Middle Class Vision For The Left

Occupy Wall Street could bring disaffected blue-collar workers back into the progressive fold by recasting the left as the voice of the middle class.

Occupation And Realignment

Will the worldwide “occupy” demonstrations make 2011 the new 1968?

Zbigniew Brzezinski Calls For List Of Wealthy People Who Hide Their Money

And this is exactly what we are doing here at Occupy For Accountability. We are compiling a list of those we hold accountable for the disaster that this country has become. Watch here in the coming weeks as we expand this list of those that are in our opinion, accountable. We will try to document their destructive activity and report that here on this site. Lists? We got them in spades.


Prepare for Higher Heating Bills this Winter

This is filed under Corporate Greed. Higher food costs, higher energy costs, higher clothing costs, higher rents, higher bank fees, higher taxes, higher medical bills. Getting high enough are we ye greedy banksters and large corporations? We thinks we are on to you now Greed Merchants...

  • EIA projects average household heating expenditures for natural gas, propane, and heating oil will increase by 3 percent, 7 percent, and 8 percent, respectively, this winter (October 1 to March 31) compared with last winter, while electricity heating expenditures fall by less than 1 percent.  Average expenditures for households that heat with oil are forecast to be higher than in any previous winter.