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William Koch, Billionaire Koch Brother, Accused Of Imprisoning Executive

Billionaire William Koch is facing a lawsuit in federal court from a former top-level employee who claims the energy mogul lured him to a secluded property, where he was imprisoned and interrogated for a period of time, according to a report in Courthouse News.

LA Prosecutor Patrick "Patterico" Frey Allegedly Defamed Woman to Shield ACORN Saboteur

Patrick "Patterico" Frey from has been sued in Federal court by Nadia Naffe for violation of her First Amendment rights, public disclosure invasion of privacy, false light invasion of privacy, defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence and negligent supervision. Frey, along with his wife Assistant LA DA Christi Frey and LA DA Steve Cooley were part of a federal lawsuit filed in California last week. From Courthouse News:

Naff Evs Frey

Upon Further Review: Mitt Romney May Have Cheated To Win The Debate


Over the past day the game tape of the debate has been reviewed. While Mitt Romney still enjoys the afterglow of the debate, the lies and half truths he told are being dissected.

From tax policy to hiring teachers. From cracking down on Wall Street (and Sesame Street) to coverage for the uninsured. From Medicare to shipping jobs overseas the fact checkers have been very busy correcting the record and pointing out falsehoods.

Even Team Romney had to correct the candidate on health care immediately after the debate.

Why Are These Pampered Wall Street Billionaires So Whiny and Thin-Skinned?

If you've been wondering specifically what it is that the wealth coddling, Wall Street protecting Obama has done to offend these greedhead Billionaires, here it is:

Todd Akin In 2008: Doctors Give Abortions To Women Who Aren't Pregnant

Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin sparked national outrage in August when he justified his opposition to abortion by claiming that victims of "legitimate rape" rarely get pregnant because "the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down." However, the Republican congressman's now-infamous remarks are not the first time he's made a scientifically questionable statement on abortion.

Tucker Carlson: ‘Throne-Sniffers’ In Media Dismissing Obama Vid As Old News

After a video conservative news outlets hyped as a racially explosive Obama bombshell turned out to be a public and widely covered 2007 speech by the then-Democratic presidential candidate, The Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson took to Fox News to bash the “throne sniffers” in the media who dismiss the story as old news.

Josh Mandel, Ohio Senate Candidate, Pushes Tracker's Camera

The Republican nominee for Ohio's U.S. Senate seat, state Treasurer Josh Mandel, had a bizarre exchange and brief outburst while sharing an elevator Friday with a tracker for a Democratic super PAC.

Video shot by a tracker for American Bridge 21st Century shows the tracker, identified as Tyler, walking into an elevator occupied by Mandel and two other people. Mandel can be heard shouting "Tyler" when the tracker walks in and then moving to another part of the elevator. He then pushes the camera away from him. The incident occurred in the elevator in the Rhodes State Office Tower, the building that houses the treasurer's Columbus office. Mandel is challenging Sen. Sherrod Brown (D).

Crossroads Groups Swamp Airwaves

The Karl Rove-backed American Crossroads super PAC and Crossroads GPS non-profit group spent more than $20 million in late September on TV and radio ads attacking President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats.

The Crossroads ad buys are part of a wave of spending from conservative groups in the second half of September that swamped liberal outfits, a POLITICO analysis of federal data indicates.

And they’re not slowing down. The two groups are about to launch a week-long advertising campaign in key battleground states worth $16 million. That includes $11 million on a spot focusing on the stimulus bill and the unemployment rate.

Top-spending liberal organizations such as House Majority PAC and Priorities USA Action simply couldn’t compete last month, as has been the case for most of the 2012 campaign. Of the 10 groups spending the most in late September to directly support or oppose federal candidates, $47.4 million came from identifiably conservative entities while liberal groups spent $21.8 million, records show.

Crossroads commits $16M to presidential, Senate campaign ads

The conservative super-PAC backed by former George W. Bush adviser Karl Rove announced Tuesday that it would purchase $11 million in television commercials this week, their largest one-week buy of the election, in a new campaign slamming President Obama's jobs record.

The significant ad buy from American Crossroads comes on top of an additional $1 million radio buy and a $4 million television campaign targeting U.S. Senate races in North Dakota, Florida, Virginia and Montana, the group reported Tuesday. The Senate ads will be funded by Crossroads GPS, an affiliated political advocacy organization.

"Obama's weak leadership has yielded weak results and a weaker America. Staying on Obama’s course means a weaker America every day," Crossorads Chairman Steven Law, a former Bush administration official, said in a statement.

Super PAC Barrage Coming To House Races Across The Country

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce reported an investment of $4 million to help 10 Republican congressional candidates in California and Illinois.

The advertisements all begin with a 10-second clip of Darlene Miller, the winner of the Chamber's Small Business of the Year in 2008, explaining that uncertainty over taxes and health care is preventing her from hiring more workers. Then they shift to nearly identical attacks on their intended Democratic targets, criticizing higher taxes, cuts to Medicare, health care reform and high energy costs.

The Chamber ad blitz heralds the beginning of the coming crush of third-party advertising directed at House races. Super PACs, unions, trade associations and non-profits already have spent $39 million since June on general election campaign efforts, ahead of their pace in the previous election. Over the next 30 days, these groups will spend between double and triple that amount just in House races.

Feingold: “Even worse than we expected”

Former Sen. Russ Feingold is one of the country’s most outspoken voices on campaign finance reform, spearheading several major pieces of legislation to clean up money in politics during his time in Washington. He continues that work today with the group he founded, ProgressivesUnited. As we get close to Election Day and have seen the impact of the Citizens United decision on the first presidential campaign since the Supreme Court handed down the ruling, Feingold spoke with Salon about how campaign finance has changed for the worse and what can be done to fix the system. This conversation has been lightly edited for brevity.