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Southern Nevada woman is arrested on suspicion of trying to vote twice

Investigators today arrested a Southern Nevada woman suspected of trying to vote twice this week at two different polling locations.

Roxanne Rubin was taken into custody as she arrived for work at the Riviera hotel-casino, investigators said. Rubin, 56, is a registered Republican who lives in Henderson, according to the Clark County Registrar.

Rubin allegedly cast a vote Monday at the Anthem Community Center in Henderson. Later that day, she tried to vote a second time at an early voting location on Eastern Avenue, investigators said.

When Rubin arrived at the second location, a poll worker conducted a routine database check and found Rubin had already voted. When confronted by the poll worker, Rubin denied having voted and claimed the database used by the poll worker was wrong.

Poll workers at the Eastern Avenue location blocked Rubin from voting and notified the county registrar's office, who forwarded the complaint to the Nevada secretary of state.

Campaigns Brace to Sue for Votes in Crucial States

Thousands of lawyers from both presidential campaigns will enter polling places next Tuesday with one central goal: tracking their opponents and, if need be, initiating legal action. It will be a kind of Spy vs. Spy.


The lawyers will note how poll workers behave, where voters are directed, if intimidation appears to be occurring, whether lines are long. And they will report up a chain of command where decisions over court action will be made at headquarters in Chicago and Boston.

This will go on in every battleground state — including Wisconsin, Virginia, Florida, even Pennsylvania — but it will be most focused in Ohio and especially in Greater Cleveland, which is heavily Democratic and where many people believe history teaches a simple lesson: the more votes cast here, the likelier President Obama is to win.

As the persuasion effort winds down, campaigns are focused on getting their supporters to vote and getting those votes counted.

Anonymous Sends Karl Rove A Message

Karl Rove Believes He Will Rig The 2012 Elections. Will he get away with it? Anonymous says NO, he won't.

A Hostile Takeover of Our Country

American democracy is under assault.

In one super-PAC alone, Karl Rove and the Enron grifter Ed Gillespie, have assembled $200 million from big polluters and Wall Street moguls to buy the 2012 election.

Two of the Koch Brothers, Charles and David, pledged $130 million to elect candidates who favor unrestrained corporate profiteering.

The senators and congressmen they fund and elect are not representing the United States-they are representing Koch and its oil industry cronies, Big Pharma, and the Wall Street banksters currently mounting a hostile takeover of our government.

I have no problem characterizing these corporate-centric super-PACs as treasonous. We are now in a free fall toward old-fashioned oligarchy; noxious, thieving and tyrannical.

The most corporate-friendly Supreme Court since the Gilded Age had declared in its notorious Citizens United decision that corporations are people and that money is speech. Those who have the most money now have the loudest voices in our democracy while poor Americans are mute.

DOJ sends voting rights monitors, observers to 23 states

The Justice Department Friday announced that it is dispatching more than 780 federal observers and monitors to 23 states to watch for potential problems which would violate voting rights protected by federal law.

The Justice Department said it was sending observers to 51 jurisdictions in those states to help enforce federal voting rights laws which protect ballot access.


Virginia voter fraud case expands to focus on GOP firm

The investigation into the arrest of a man on charges of dumping voter registration forms last month in Harrisonburg, Va., has widened, with state officials probing whether a company tied to top Republican leaders had engaged in voter registration fraud in the key battleground state, according to two persons close to the case.

A former employee of Strategic Allied Consulting, a contractor for the Republican Party of Virginia, had been scheduled to appear last Tuesday before a grand jury after he was charged with tossing completed registration forms into a recycling bin. But state prosecutors canceled Colin Small’s grand jury testimony to gather more information, with their focus expanding to the firm that had employed Small, which is led by longtime GOP operative Nathan Sproul.


Funder Of Racist Voter Intimidation Billboards Exposed

In 2010 and again this year, Milwaukee was bestrewn with racist billboards meant to intimidate minorities from voting in the elections. One Wisconsin Now, in a joint investigation with news service theGrio, found out who funded these vile monstrosities. From OWN's press release:

Million Dollar Reward Offered To Expose Election Fraud

Today Velvet has offered a one million dollar reward for information on electoral fraud for the 2012 Election. The press release goes on to say:

Today, we offered a million dollar reward for hard information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone using corrupt or fraudulent means to rig a 2012 federal election so the real winner loses.  The information must result in a correction of the fraudulent election and must be new information not previously reported.


There has been a great deal of nefarious activity in the run up to this election mostly by partisans on the Republican side of the aisle. Karl Rove is receiving a great deal of scrutiny for raising hundreds of millions from GOP billionaires to defeat President Obama. 


Richard Mourdock's comments on rape, abortion ignite a political firestorm

U.S. Senate nominee Richard Mourdock’s comments on rape and abortion have ignited a political firestorm that reaches far beyond his own election to the race for the White House.

Mourdock Story Goes National: DNC, Romney Campaign Weigh In

Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock’s comments on rape, conception and God’s will went viral within hours of him uttering them at the Indiana Senate debate Tuesday, immediately pushing the abortion issue back into the presidential race.

Congressmen Want Justice Department To Probe GOP Voter Drives In Florida, Virginia

Three House Democrats asked Attorney General Eric Holder on Tuesday to order a Justice Department investigation into a voter registration drive paid for by the Republican National Committee that has been connected to alleged tampering in at least two states.

Reps. Jim Moran, Bobby Scott and Gerry Connolly, all of Virginia, asked investigators to look into political consultant Nathan Sproul and two companies, Strategic Allied Consulting and Pinpoint, that were all involved in the drive. The effort ran into trouble in Florida and Virginia in recent weeks with accusations of fraud and destruction of voter registration forms.

A Justice Department spokesman said the agency received the letter and was reviewing it but had no further comment.

Join the Blockade of the Keystone Pipeline

The next great battle of the Occupy movement may not take place in city parks and plazas, where the security and surveillance state is blocking protesters from setting up urban encampments. Instead it could arise in the nation’s heartland, where some ranchers, farmers and enraged citizens, often after seeing their land seized by eminent domain and their water supplies placed under mortal threat, have united with Occupiers and activists to oppose the building of the Keystone XL tar sand pipeline. They have formed an unusual coalition called Tar Sands Blockade (TSB). Centers of resistance being set up in Texas and Oklahoma and on tribal lands along the proposed route of this six-state, 1,700-mile proposed pipeline are fast becoming flashpoints in the war of attrition we have begun against the corporate state. Join them.

As Bain Ships Jobs to China, Bainport Protesters Arrested for Blocking Illinois Factory’s Closure

Police have arrested three people for blocking the removal of equipment from the Sensata Technologies plant in Freeport, Illinois. Workers at Sensata have set up an encampment called "Bainport" across the street from the facility to protest plans by Bain Capital to close the plant and move operations to China, taking 170 jobs with it. Sensata is owned by Bain Capital, the private equity firm co-founded by Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. We hear from two of the detained protesters: Karri Penniston, 16, whose mother works at Sensata, and Debi Kempel, a Bainport supporter from nearby Pearl City.