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Montana Passes Referendum Declaring Corporations are not People

An overlooked development from Montana on election night, a referendum to state that corporations don’t have constitutional rights has unofficially passed by a 75 percent to 25 percent margin. Initiative number 166 stated that “corporations are not entitled to constitutional rights because they are not human beings,” and thus is a blow to the Citizen’s United ruling that helped make this presidential election the most expensive one ever.

Montana has been a real leader in efforts to buck Citizen’s United, the 2010 Supreme Court ruling that equated money with free speech and allowed corporations to contribute unlimited amounts of money to campaigns through super PACs. The U.S. Supreme Court struck down a ruling by the Montana Supreme Court that limited political spending in state and local elections earlier this year.

New Orleans Radio Host Probes Prosecution 'Sock Puppet' Scandal

New Orleans radio host Tommy Tucker of WWL is at the forefront of probing a new prosecution scandal in the office of U.S. Attorney Jim Letten. For the second time this year, one of Letten's prosecutors has been implicated in a scheme to post comments in the city's major daily newspaper under a phony name disparaging suspects in crime probes.

Krazy Karl: He's Come Undone

When Karl Rove dissembled on national TV election night, America got a rare glimpse at the psychological frailty that has long maintained the dark prince of right-wing politics. He does not spend very much time connected to reality and lives on a planet composed of beliefs and numbers he convinces himself are true, regardless of evidence to the contrary. Rove has spoken in the past of "manufactured realities" that can be used to sway voter opinion but he has never acknowledged those fantastical plains and their imaginary castles are also where he finds comfort.

For U.S. Chamber of Commerce, election was a money-loser

The day after an election in which the U.S. Chamber of Commerce spent millions of dollarsbacking losing Republican candidates, executives began the brutal process of assessing what went wrong at the nation’s leading business organization.

The Chamber spent nearly $24 million to defeat several high-
profile Democratic Senate candidates, including Sen. Sherrod Brown in Ohio, former governor Timothy M. Kaine in Virginia and Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. But out of 15 Senate races where the business organization put down money, only two went the Chamber’s way.


The results were not much better in the House, where the Chamber poured more than $7 million into 22 races, according to the CRP. The Chamber’s candidates picked up only four wins.

Voters And FBI Put On Alert: Massive Deceptions Found In The No On 37 Campaign, All Documented

Campaign supporters of genetically manipulated foods could soon find themselves involved in a federal criminal investigation, related to their own manipulation of voters in California’s hotly debated Proposition 37.

Even as ballots are still being cast in the battle over the measure, which would require labeling for genetically modified (GM) foods, the fight is taking an unexpected turn – straight into FBI headquarters. The agency reportedly contacted an attorney for the CA Right to Know campaign, in response to an official complaint filed with the U.S. Department of Justice on October 18, which cited numerous, and likely criminal, actions by the “No on 37″ campaign.

Opponents of the Prop 37 ballot measure were reportedly caught red-handed spouting lie after lie in campaign advertisements distributed in recent weeks. In one advertisement – the one that’s now getting the attention of the Federal Bureau of Investigation – campaign backers featured the FDA logo just below this direct quote: “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says a labeling policy like Prop 37 would be ‘inherently misleading’.”

Election Problems Included Confusion, Intimidation, Untrained Poll Workers

On Election Day, Leo Kim, 34, drove a group of elderly Korean Americans to the polls in Annandale, Va., a Washington suburb. They quickly found themselves in a scene out of the Jim Crow era.

After presenting proper identification, authorities demanded that the seniors say their names and home addresses out loud in English -- a tough proposition for some with limited English skills. The poll workers had made similar demands on the other voters.

The Korean American seniors "felt bullied," explained Glenn Magpantay, Democracy Program Director with The Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund. He said multiple voters complained about similar treatment to his office. "They all had their IDs. They thought that would help."

When poll workers grew frustrated that the seniors didn't understand the instructions, they ordered all the Korean Americans waiting to vote to form a new line. "Korean people stand in a separate line," Leo recalled the poll worker calling out to everyone. Leo's group complied.

Poll: Democratic Demographics Faced Significantly Longer Voting Lines

President Obama wasn’t kidding around when he condemned long lines at the polls in his victory speech, according to a new survey of voters.

“I want to thank every American who participated in this election, whether you voted for the very first time or waited in line for a very long time,” he said. “By the way, we have to fix that.”

Voters across the country complained about long waits in states around the country, as long as seven hours in quadrenially troubled Florida, where Republican Gov. Rick Scott dramatically reduced early voting days despite similar issues in 2008.

Karl Rove's election debacle: Super PAC's spending was nearly for naught

Karl Rove was the political genius of the George W. Bush era -- the architect of the last Republican president's two electoral victories. But this week, he may have had the worst election night of anybody in American politics.

Not only did Rove insist on Fox News that Ohio was still winnable for Republican challenger Mitt Romney after all the TV networks had called it for President Barack Obama -- causing anchor Megyn Kelly to march down to the Fox "decision desk" mavens, who assured her on air that they were "99.9 percent" confident in their call -- but his trailblazing "independent" super PAC operation was virtually shut out on election night.

For the Radical Right, Obama Victory Brings Fury and Fear

When the word came in last night that Barack Obama and the Democrats had won national elections in a decisive victory, millions of Americans went to bed, satisfied that even if their candidate didn’t win, democracy had survived. The results made it clear that this election had in no way been stolen.

But not so at Ole Miss, which last month marked the 50thanniversary of deadly segregationist riots. Shortly after midnight, several hundred mostly white students protested furiously, reportedly yelling anti-black racial slurs and throwing rocks at passing cars. An Obama/Biden campaign sign was burned before campus police broke up the crowd in Oxford. There were apparently no arrests or injuries.

The reaction to the re-election of our first black president from the radical right — and that seemed clearly to include some University of Mississippi students — ranged from sputtering rage and name-calling to calls for a new Southern secession, mass emigration to Europe, or even the break-up of the United States. There was one thing large numbers seemed clearly to agree on: The changing racial demographics of our country, expected to lose its white majority by 2050, was key to the result.

Ohio’s GOP Secretary of State Already Has A Plan To Rig The 2016 Election For Republicans

Last year, Pennsylvania’s Republican Gov. Tom Corbett proposed rigging the Electoral College vote in his state through a plan that would have given the majority of the state’s electors to Romney even after President Obama carried the state. Under Corbett’s plan, the winner of each congressional district within Pennsylvania would receive a single electoral vote, and the overall winner of the state would receive an additional two electoral votes. Had this plan been in place last Tuesday, Mitt Romney would likely have won 13 of the state’s 20 electoral votes, despite losing the state overall by more than five points.


Judge Blasts Ohio’s Last Minute Disenfranchisement Effort: ‘I Don’t Want To See Democracy Die In The Darkness’

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted is fast becoming one of the most despised election officials in the country for his many attempts to restrict early voting and throw out legitimate provisional ballots. He’s also alienating federal judges left and right. After Husted issued a last-minute directive that could invalidate thousands of Ohioans’ votes, US District Judge Algenon Marbley did not bother to hide his impatience with the secretary’s hijinks.

Election Protection Press Conference

Press conference at the national Press Club, Washington DC, on voter suppression and electronic voting machines.

With: Jill Stein, 2012 Green Party Presidential Candidate
Robert Fitrakis, Green Party nominee for Vongress in Central Ohio
Harvey Wasserman, Green Party Poll Monitor, Bexley, Ohio
Sarah Manski, Director,
Clinton Curtis, Computer programmer and whistleblower

Revelations by the Columbus, Ohio, Free Press that untested software has been installed in Ohio's vote tabulation system, and closely linked ownership of voting machines by Romney family members and campaign operatives, underscore a serious electronic threat to the integrity of Tuesday's national election, and the desperate need for universal hand-counted paper ballots.

Josh Mandel's In-Laws Call Him Out on Anti-Gay Stance in Newspaper Ad

What does it say about the character of a candidate when he can't even garner the support of his own relatives? This is a question that many Ohioans should be left to ponder, as it has been revealed that Mandel's own family does not support his anti-gay views. In an advertisement taken out in the Cleveland Jewish News, Mandel's wife's cousins published an open letter in which they publicly lambasted him for his stance on same-sex marriages, gays and lesbians serving in the military, and general anti-inclusive beliefs.

The letter read:

5 Disturbing Signs Romney Would Steer Us to Towards a Capitalist Dictatorship

The mainstream media and even Democrats have been slow to call Mitt Romney's deliberate falsehoods "lies." But after just calling them what they are, it is also important to analyze their meaning. Lies on Romney's scale do not simply show contempt for the intelligence of American voters. They show contempt for democracy, and display some of the features of capitalist dictatorship of a sort that was common in the late twentieth century. Mohammad Reza Pahlevi in Iran, Alfredo Stroessner in Paraguay, Park Hung Chee in South Korea and P.W. Boetha in South Africa are examples of this form of government. Capitalist dictatorship has declined around the world in favor of capitalist parliamentarism, in part because of the rising power of middle and working classes in the global South.